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  1. 777 Idly chutney powder is a delicious preparation of careful blends of lentils spices and red chilies to give the right flavor and taste. It is very good combination for idlies dosai oothappam and even for adai. Idly Chutney powder is served with sesame oil or desi ghee.

  2. A common practice in most Indian households is to have few?fennel seeds?or saunf at the end of every meal.

  3. Belonging to the same family as turmeric and ginger cardamom is indigenous to India and Sri Lanka. Cardamom?s flavor is complex slightly sweet floral and spicy with citrus undertones. It is best to grind cardamom fresh for superior aroma and flavor as once ground both are quickly lost. Cardamom intensifies both savory and sweet flavors and is a key ingredient in many spice blends most notably Baharat and garam masala.

  4. Jeeras nutty peppery flavor packs a punch when it comes to adding a nutty and peppery flavor to your curries and other indian dishes and drinks.

  5. Jeeras nutty peppery flavor packs a punch when it comes to adding a nutty and peppery flavor to your curries and other indian dishes and drinks.


  7. The chana masala is a recipe that originated in the Punjab region of India.

  8. It Brings Briskness And Astringency To The Infusion And Takes To The Addition Of Milk Effortlessly.

  9. Badshah Kitchen King Masala is a versatile spice blend for all purpose seasoning. Use it sparingly with any curry to get enhanced taste and aroma. It gives your recipe authentic unmatched taste making your vegetable curry the perfect host of your kitchen.

  10. Rich Flavour deep color and very little heat. This blend is the traditional backbone of many Indian dishes from South Indian to Punjabi Dishes.

  11. MDH Bombay Biryani Masala is a ready made spice blend for making tasty Biryanis.

  12. An authentic spice mix used to make a delicious butter chicken dish. Spice blend contains coriander, red chili, onion flakes, green cardamom, black pepper and other spices.

  13. MDH Dal Makhni Masala is a spice mix for black lentil.

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  14. A North Indian blend of spices to make a gravy based fish curry dish.

  15. This special North Indian spice blend is highly aromatic and used in all types of Indian dishes such as lentil dishes meat dishes and vegetable dishes.

  16. Use Jal Jeera masala with Gol Guppa & Pani Puri. Also use it for making Dahi Bhalla Chat Papri Papad and many more delicious recpies.

  17. ?MDH?Peacock Fenugreek Leaves are probably the finest dried fenugreek leaves available.?Mash leaves and sprinkle over curries and non juicy vegetables just before serving for an unforgettable exotic flavour.

  18. Corriander powder is derived from the seeds of the Corriander plant. It adds a mild flavour and aroma to sweet and savoury food preparations.

  19. MDH Sambar Masala: spice blend for South Indian Curry. Tasty and easy to prepare.

  20. It is used in chilli and curry dishes.It is a staple spice of Indian cooking. Corriander is almost always present in a curry.

  21. Spice blend for Indian Cheese paneer Curry.

  22. MDH Tava Fry Masala is a special spice blend for delicious stuffed fried vegetables cooked on a tavaflat pan.

  23. An Indian household cannot do without methi or fenugreek seeds and leaves. It is used in almost every Indian preparation be it dal paratha or curry.

  24. The MTR signature recipe made the authentic South Indian way

  25. An exquisite blend of 24 pure spices this is perhaps the most elaborate blend in the Everest repertoire. This blend is evenly balanced for taste and flavour and imparts a rare character to chhole made from chickpeas.

  26. On your table is yet another signature dish from the kitchens of Karnataka a sumptuous traditional meal of brinjal and rice.

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  27. Extra Hot Chilli Powder is ground from a selection of hot dried chillies providing extra heat and flavour to an array of dishes.

  28. Kasoori methi?are dried fenugreek leaves?They are used in Indian cooking and taste similar to a combination of celery and fennel with a slightly bitter bite.

  29. A company known for it hing asafoetida all across the world for giving your food that zest.

  30. MDH chana masala is the best ingredient to cook peppery flavorsome and tasty chana masala.

  31. MDH Chunky Chat Masala is an essential spice in Indian cuisine.

  32. Deggi Mirch is a unique blend of Indian red chillies that imparts an attractive natural red colour to dishes.

  33. MDH Deggi Mirch?is a unique Red Chilli Powder. It is an age old blend processed from special varieties of colorful Indian red chillies.

  34. MDH Pani Puri Masala is a spice blend for one of India?s most popular snacks. Bring home this delicious spice blend today.

  35. Pav Bhaji is a special vegetable curry served with soft bun a very popular street food in India.

  36. Sold under the brand name Nutrela soya chunks are a high protein meat substitute.

  37. Mustard seeds are the small round seeds of various mustard plants. The seeds are usually about 1 or 2 mm in diameter. They are important spices in many regional foods.

  38. Very sour but is often used as a component of savory dishes.

  39. Peanuts are known as a light snack by themselves but can be roasted and salted sometimes with the addition of chilli powder or boiled with salt. It is used in many curries and desserts too.

  40. This?magic paneer makhanwala masala?is ready to cook spice mix usually comes in individual package. It requires very little preparation and contains all the elements for a single serving meal

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  41. Reshampatti Chili Powder is an extremely strong spice?used in many Indian dishes especially for masalas pickles and chutneys. This vibrant red powder has a powerful spicy flavor with a broad pepper sweetness

  42. Its a minced version of soya bean. Usually used to make curries.

  43. It?s a wadi form of Soya bean. It can be used to make curries and vegan dishes.

  44. Tata Salt popularly known as Indias first and biggest iodized packaged salt.

  45. Refined iodised and potassium enriched?Tata salt Lite is a low sodium?salt?specially formulated to provide 15% lower sodium than regular?salt.

  46. Aromatic leaves used for cooking. A core ingredient in Biryani and Garam masala.

  47. Rasam is a south Indian ?must in meal? preparation a light less spicy tamarind/dhall preparation is rasam.

  48. Sambar is a kind of legume or vegetable stew or soup. Sambar often is served over steamed rice and also with idly dosa and vada.

  49. It has a warm bitter taste and is frequently?used?to flavor or color curries and Kichadis.

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