Masala King
Dr.Dhananjay Datar has built up his food empire over decades, based on determination, dedication and the quest for quality.
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Dr. Dhananjay Datar - Chairman & Managing Director popularly known as the ‘Masala King’ in Gulf countries.Dr.Datar is prime example of an entrepreneur who identified a gap in the market, and with the right implementation went on to create a successful business to great acclaim. Datar who also happens to be a Doctor in Business Administration, single handedly raised the profile of Al Adil Trading Co LLC from its beginnings as a small grocery store in Bur Dubai, to a chain of 36 retail outlets, two flour mills and two spice factories within the Middle East. It is thus with pride he has been recognized for his business contribution to the society. He has been ranked No 14 in the Arabian Business ranking covering the entire Gulf Countries and has been ranked No. 33th in the Forbes ME in the Arab world. These are accolades that reflect on the skill and business acumen of Dr. Datar.

Al Adil Trading has become a familiar name with Indian households in the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia & Oman. Al Adil sells over 9000 food items. It has its own manufacturing units in Al Quoz Industrial Area & Dubai Investment Park. It also has an Indian arm named Masala King Exports in Mumbai, which is one of the leading exporters of quality branded Indian pulses, spices and other grocery items, as well as non-food items from the Indian sub-continent.

Al Adil’s mid-to long-term plan includes expansion into other countries within the GCC. The company has also diversified into import and export under the Multi spice establishment with trade lines in the US, Canada, Tanzania, Kenya, Switzerland, Italy and Eritrea as well as Kuwait, Oman and the UAE. Al Adil proposes to further boost its growth by launching Masala King Export Trading Pvt. Ltd in the UAE, which would manufacture a whole range of Indian food and grocery items.

Datar attributes his success to his father, the late Mahadeo Datar as well as the encouragement and support of well-wishers and customers. Having started off with just three employees, the group today employs thousands of people. He is providing direct and indirect employment to thousands of Indians and his contribution in enhancing the livelihood of Indians needs to be appreciated. Because of Datar’s commitment to quality and value, Al Adil Trading has been able to retain the loyalty of his customers for decades, while expanding his business to meet the demands of an ever growing Indian population in the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Datar takes great pride in the fact that he is known as the ‘Masala King’ by those who have used his services, and while being honored by his reputation, he is also extremely appreciative to those who have supported him along the way, including the various government authorities.

Datar takes great pride in the fact that he is known as the ‘Masala King’ by those who have used his services, and while being honored by his reputation, he is also extremely appreciative to those who have supported him along the way, including the various government authorities.

For Al Adil Trading’s front man, the secret of success lays in total determination and dedication towards his business. He feels that it does not matter whether the business is small or big, what is important is efficiently and effectively catering to customer satisfaction. His advice to the entrepreneurs of the future is to have a dream and to work hard to pursue it.

Dr. Datar’s innovative idea has enabled Al Adil to figure prominently in the books of history where it is registered in Limca Book of Records and Guinness World Record for its midair Silver Jubilee celebrations.“I wanted to celebrate Al Adil’s 25 years of celebration in a lifetime experience in a unique style on board a Royal Jet Airways Boeing 737. On 22nd March 2009, my wife Vandana and I along with close business associates took off for a grand celebration at 40,000ft above sea level. I also gifted my wife, a bespoke edition customized Rolls Royce, which was specially made by Rolls Royce for her, at a whopping cost of Rs.8 crores (approx. USD 2 million). There are only 17 such Phantom editions in last 105 years, and this is the 18th special edition. It is actually the first Rolls Royce Phantom in Dubai.”

Winning discerning and highly reputed, quality conscious customers like Dubai Duty-Free, Emirates, Burj Al Arab, etc has made Al Adil carve an outstanding niche in the market. Recognized as an ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, GHP company in 2006, its journey on the path of growth (over the past 25 years) has been packed by milestones that pay tribute to the company's high standards of excellence. Some of these prestigious awards are from Dubai Duty Free, Emirates Flight Catering Appreciation Award (2003), and Certificate of Appreciation from Jumeirah Hospitality (2003), Dubai World Trade Centre (2004), Environment Award from Dubai International Airport, Lifetime Achievement Award from Maharishi Ayurved in Dubai (2009), The Commercial Prestigious award in Spain in 2010, RastriyaUdyogRatna award in India 2010.

  1. Forbes – Best Indian CEO Award
  2. Arabian Business – Indian Innovator CEO Award
  3. Entrepreneur Magazine  -Best Indian Retailer Award
  4. Dubai Duty Free Best Supplier Award for quality, technology and strategic partnership in 2001.
  5. “Distinguished Supplier / Partners” award in April 2001.
  6. “Environment Award” in 2001.
  7. “Distinguished Supplier / Partners” award in April 2003.
  8. Environment Award” from Dubai International Airport in 2001.
  9. International lifetime Achievement Award by Maharishis Mahesh Yogi Foundation in Dubai in 2009.
  10. Commercial Prestigious Award, Madrid (Spain)
  11. Bizz Award, Frankfurt (Germany)
  12. ashtriyaUdyogRatna Award, India
  13. Quality Brand Award in India.
  14. Emirates Flight Catering “Certificate of Appreciations” Dubai
  15. Jumeirah Hospitality “Certificate of Appreciations” Dubai
  16. Dubai Airport & Dubai Duty free “10th Supplier,Dubai”.,
  17. The Peak of success Award Texas, USA 2011.
  18. Global Award for Perfection, Quality & Ideal Performance, Geneva Switzerland.
  19. International Star for Leadership in Quality Award Paris, France.
  20. Best Enterprises Award Oxford,  UK.
  21. Bharat VikasRatan Award New Delhi, India